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Almost as exciting as hearing about the The Black Keys’ new Blakroc project, is realising that Patrick Carney from The Black Keys is on Twitter. Here’s his address – @patrickcarney

How pleasing to see Pat on there since this site reported on hope for a Black Keys Twitter page.

There have been people hijacking other people’s names including a false Black Keys address. The Black Keys Fan Lounge therefore contacted Pat to verify the authenticity of the account and he confirmed the address it is indeed his. The comments certainly are uniquely his you’d have to say.

Pat’s Twitter stream are now rss fed down the right hand side of this site’s home page.

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Maybe the reason why The Black Keys aren’t on Twitter is because they don’t need to be since everyone else is and will report on what they are up to.

Pitchfork reports rapper Jim Jones tweeting:

“I’m on my way to me the black keys a new rock n roll group then summer jam rehearsal lg.”
“Aight back to our reg schedule I did some dope music with black keys and mos def last night def a good rock n roll experience.”

Black Keys fans shouldn’t be so surprised. Dan and Pat are big hip hop fans. Witness:

  • The Black Keys have been inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan since before the band began
  • Attack and Release was of course produced by hip-hop raconteur Danger Mouse
  • Pat has indicated he would love to work with The RZA
  • The Black Keys have interviewed The GZA recently
  • There’s even a Jay Z vs The Black Keys mp3 going around
  • The Black Keys are playing by invitation at The Roots Picnic. Fingers crossed for a drum battle with Questlove.

What’s probably most surprising is that Jim Jones thinks that The Black Keys are “a new rock n roll group”.

All this talk of these collaborations certainly bodes well for an interesting new Black Keys album which will go into production in a few months. Considering how much interest and media was generated by these two comments, The Black Keys look set to surge on a new wave of interest in their music when that album is released.

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The Black Keys on Twitter

Dan and Pat haven’t succumbed to the addiction that is Twitter. But many other’s have.

I reckon Pat and Dan would be well worth following if they were to start chirping away with their wry observations of the world. For now we’ll have to follow them on MySpace.

I mention this because The Black Keys Fan Lounge is now feeding tweets about the band down the lower right hand side of this site.

See what fan’s are saying about the band in real time. It aint all pretty, it’s sometimes funny, but above all it’s real.

Keep up to date with The Black Keys Fan Lounge on Twitter: @blackkeysfans

Hopefully, The Black Keys follow this excellent advice about how bands and musicians can use twitter.


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