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After the recent 11 January 2009 Melbourne show at the Palais Theatre, a few loyal fans waited outside the band entrance of the venue for an hour or so after the gig hoping to meet The Black Keys.

Dan and Pat were kind enough to make the effort to pose for photos, sign autographs and chat to fans before they departed to an after-party at the local Prince front bar in St Kilda.

Pat told a funny anecdote about appearing on the bill at a festival with Shaggy which I wish I could recall.

He also told me about someone else who had a blog about The Black Keys for 2 years and had never been to a live concert. When he did go to a gig he stopped writing the blog! No chance of that happening to me.

Being the music enthusiast that Pat is, he was able name Greville Records in Melbourne as a favourite place to shop when in town, although he didn’t have a chance to visit on this trip.

More than likely, Pat said, the band won’t be back in Australia until 2010.

Below are some photos of the band with fans. You’ll also see the pressure of getting a good photo at the end of the short review video I put together about the gig.




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Normally I would write a review about a show I’ve seen. This time I thought I’d do something different.  A chance to let the pictures tell a story. So I created my own personal Crystal Ballroom-like effort albeit on a much more modest scale.

So, here’s a short film about the Palais, Melbourne concert from January 11, 2009. There’s a bit of something here for everyone.

The Palais is such a grand old theatre in the beachside suburb of St Kilda. I’ve therefore tried to set the scene at the start of the film with the Palais’ location.

As Pat mentions at the end of the film, the band would rather play non-seated venues. It’s hard to get audience participation despite Dan’s encouraging words for people to get on their feet. Most did by the last song before the encore. Nevertheless, the grandure of the venue is filled with the size of their sound.

The gig started early (Dr Dog came on at 7pm before being followed by the excellent Gomez) and there were intermissions between sets to run to the bar and back to your seat.

I was so pleased they played my favourite ‘Keys track, ‘The Breaks’ from The Big Come Up.  It was a storming rendition. You’ll also hear parts of Girl is On My Mind and the intro to Stack Shot Billy.

I had hoped they might play The Breaks when I was speculating about getting an interview last year.  I don’t know if the band had read this post although Pat did tell me he has checked out this blog.  I didn’t get an interview as I had hoped (apparently the band were just concentrating on the tour) but I along with other fans did get to meet Pat and Dan after the show (more about this in future posts). I’ve added a bit of footage of fans meeting the band near the end so hang in there.

Well, it seems I have written a review of sorts afterall. Could well be 2010 before they return to Australia so enjoy the video for now.

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