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myspaceI don’t know why I didn’t get round to creating a MySpace page for TheBlacKeysFanLounge.com earlier. It’s set up now.

Check out: http://www.myspace.com/theblackkeysfanlounge

It’s a good way to present the videos I’ve recorded over time and which first appeared on this site.

The background face image is from a photo I took at the recent Melbourne show of one of the band’s inflatable stage props. No doubt I’ll keep pimping and adding to the page over time.

If you have a MySpace account it’s well worth subscribing to Pat’s MySpace page blog. Hilarious. He really lets his quirky humor shine.

On the Black Keys MySpace page there’s an option to sign up for a Black Keys newsletter.  From what I can tell this option only exists on this MySpace page.


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