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The Black Keys have just spent 3 big days, 5-7 June 2009, performing at The Three Rivers Festival (Pittsburgh), The Roots Picnic (Philadephia) and the 94.9 FM Independence Jam (Oceanside, California).

The Black Keys haven’t done much touring this year, but they have cherry-picked significant festivals of choice in advance of recording in August. Consequently, the ‘Keys have been able to concentrate at these festivals on laying “rubber for nearly an hour with an impressive set of whiskey-soaked shit-kicker rock”, as Rolling Stone described their performance at the Roots Picnic.

Various reports mentioned some technical difficultities at each show and blown amps, so it looks like the boys really did kick out the jams. It was remarked upon that The Black Keys did drown out Kid Cudi’s performance on a nearby stage.

Interestingly, it was reported a new song was debuted in Pittsburgh. Not sure if anyone out there has a recording of it?

At The Roots Picnic my hoped for drum battle between Pat and Questlove sadly didn’t eventuate.

Below are a couple of live videos that reflect the crowd, scene and band. Pat looks like he’s not quite at his normal playing weight, and the freshly shorn Dan made a welcome return.

For other awesome black and white video of The Black Keys at the Independence Jam check out the YouTube channel of Black Keys’ fan BatCountryX who was hard at work at the gig. Previously this site has featured her Pomona live videos in this post

Three Rivers – Same Old Thing

Independence Jam – I Got Mine


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My favourite song on Dan Auerbach’s ‘Keep It Hid’ solo record is ‘When The Night Comes’.

Hearing the song live at The Corner Hotel confirmed for me what a great sound and song it is. Dan had the audience transfixed with his presence, voice , unobtrusive guitar, subtle organ and drum accompaniment.

Here’s a live video I took of ‘When The Night Comes’ at the Corner Hotel show:

The lyric seems so simple yet Dan’s voice and guitar elevate it to something so evocative and melancholy you can listen to it over and over. It seems like part-lullaby, part-mournful reflection, part-exclamation of hope, part-love song. Together that makes something pretty special.

Here are the lyrics to ‘When The Night Comes’:

When the night comes
And you lay your weary head to rest
No more trials, no tests
When the night comes
When the night comes
You don’t have to be afraid
Of any choice you made
When the night comes

Don’t be afraid
You’re only dreaming…(repeat)

When the night comes
The headlines read
Whatever’s in your dreams
When the night comes

When the night comes
And you lay by the one you love
The one who knows you and the things you do
When the night comes

Don’t be afraid
You’re only dreaming…(repeat)

When the night comes…(repeat)

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No sooner was I praising the virtues of The Black Keys in black and white, than these cool new black and white videos of The Black Keys turn up.

Even better that they are of the ‘Keys recent return to the stage at the Glasshouse, Pomona CA, USA, show on 16 April 2009, the night before the Coachella performance.

Even better than that is the fact the sound  and video quality are excellent. Respect BatCountryX.

From the looks of it The Black Keys have lost nothing while Dan has been touring his solo album.

Tracks include Busted, The Breaks, Your Touch, Same Old Thing, I Got Mine.


The Breaks

Your Touch

Same Old Thing & I Got Mine

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Ahh, who says being in a band aint fun when you are losing your mind on tour.

Check out this cool video posted by the Hacienda boys about being on tour with Dan and new ‘brother’ Patrick Hallahan.

Maybe Dan and Pat as The Black Keys can do something similar in future…

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The video says it all. Or does it say anything? At the very least, it’s with a cherry on top. Thanks Pat!

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I thought I’d try and make a list of all the songs The Black Keys have covered. But more interestingly document those songs with a live or video version of these cover songs.

Some of the cover songs are The Black Keys best known tunes. I found a live/video version for all songs except one. I didn’t want to add a song in with someone putting a slideshow or their own video over the top, but the video for Bob Dylan’s The Wicked Messenger cover was the only one I could find and the girl dancing is simply hilarious.

There are some Chulahoma and rarities that I haven’t been able to track down, so the list is only a little bit incomplete.

In time, an interesting list might be Black Keys songs covered by other artists…

Here’s the list so far with the original artist noted:

The Wicked Messenger – Bob Dylan

Act Nice and Gentle – The Kinks

No Fun – Iggy Pop

I’m Glad – Captain Beefheart

Have Love Will Travel – Richard Berry/The Sonics

Everywhere I Go – Junior Kimbrough

Grown So Ugly – Robert Pete Williams

She Said, She Said – The Beatles

Do The Rump – Junior Kimbrough

Awesome double guitar action from Dan, hang in there for the video

Busted – RL Burnside

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One thing that could be said about this website is that it is a catalogue of interviews with The Black Keys. We love them, especially those caught on video.

Here’s three more you may have missed.

The first two are with the usual taciturn Pat at Lollapalooza this year.  Both cover recent the recent album production and as usual Pat’s taste in fast food. Maybe I should run a competition to spot the interview where Dan and Pat don’t talk about fast food?

The last video interview below features Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers sharing his love for all things Black Keys. Dan is present but more interested in Rick Rubin’s bicycle. Maybe Rick Rubin can find time to produce the next album? Rick Rubin loves hip hop and heavy guitars after all.  No doubt it will be discussed when they meet up on the ZZ Top project.



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