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Have you ever seen a random interview with The Black Keys and noticed the photo used to accompany the story is the same one that was used on another article you’ve read?

It’s obviously easier and cheaper for magazines and newspapers to use a stock PR photo than commission a new one. In any case, bands like using the same images to build up an identifiable attitude or profile.

I’ve assembled the commonly seen publicity images that have come to define the look and story of The Black Keys (in no particular order).

From the look of this lot, I guess there’s only so many band photo faces you can pull.

They are interesting in that they each capture a moment in the band’s life, a piece of it’s history, from the early days to recent days. None of them portray a self-satisfied or smug attitude, rather the modesty and irony of Dan and Pat’s personality comes across.

In a recent comment on this post, Black Keys fan Dan mentioned the first image below of Dan and Pat in the basement would make a great poster. I’d have to agree.

I look forward to seeing some new images for the new Black Keys album being released. With a bit of luck they’ll be done by James Quine who took all of Dan Auerbach’s recent solo press images.












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A collection of photos from the recent Dan Auerbach live show I saw.

I’m thinking the pictures are not in need of words. Their story is obvious. Enjoy.






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Dan and Pat look great in black and white photos and videos. I prefer seeing good B&W than a good colour photo of the band.

Just look at this old Grimey’s in store appearance video. Maybe you’ve seen Liveon35mm’s awesome article and photos of a London gig. Arguably the best black and white photos of the band I’ve seen.

I was therefore very happy when Michael, a fan of this site and The Black Keys, let me know about a few cool black and white photos he had recently taken.  They capture Dan at the recent South by Southwest Music Conference playing a special day time show at the Mean Eyed Cat in Austin, Texas, USA.

Check out these samples below with more to be seen at m1chael.brown flickr set. Thanks Michael.




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After the recent 11 January 2009 Melbourne show at the Palais Theatre, a few loyal fans waited outside the band entrance of the venue for an hour or so after the gig hoping to meet The Black Keys.

Dan and Pat were kind enough to make the effort to pose for photos, sign autographs and chat to fans before they departed to an after-party at the local Prince front bar in St Kilda.

Pat told a funny anecdote about appearing on the bill at a festival with Shaggy which I wish I could recall.

He also told me about someone else who had a blog about The Black Keys for 2 years and had never been to a live concert. When he did go to a gig he stopped writing the blog! No chance of that happening to me.

Being the music enthusiast that Pat is, he was able name Greville Records in Melbourne as a favourite place to shop when in town, although he didn’t have a chance to visit on this trip.

More than likely, Pat said, the band won’t be back in Australia until 2010.

Below are some photos of the band with fans. You’ll also see the pressure of getting a good photo at the end of the short review video I put together about the gig.




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Last night I went to the Dr Dog, Gomez and Black Keys gig at the Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia. On the way there I never thought I might actually get to meet the band. I did. On the way home I had to pinch myself that I hadn’t been dreaming.

There’s something very, very surreal about actually meeting people you admire and have only imagined meeting for years. Even more so when you’ve created a blog around them and everything they do.

You’ll be reading a lot more about this night in the coming weeks – meeting Dan and Pat, video, photos, merchandise, news and more.

For now the photo says it all: the momentary spoils of fan-dom. Dan even draped me in his sweaty Western stage shirt for the photo at his suggestion. Mind blowing.

Respect to Dan and Pat for taking the time to hang out with fans who had gathered waiting for them to leave the venue long after the show was over. They didn’t have to, but it seemed they genuinely wanted to. I guess that sums up why their fans love them so much.


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black keys poster

Gavin Murray recently won a double pass in a competition on this website to see The Black Keys and Dr. Dog at the Converse Century Concert Series show in San Francisco on 30 October 2008.

Gavin got to meet Dan and Pat before the show. At the show he got a custom poster designed by Converse 1HUND(RED) Artists shoe collaborator Meghan Berckes which was given to all concert-goers.

Gavin got his poster signed by Dan and Pat and you can see Pat has done a good job at defacing his likeness on the poster.

Gavin has been kind enough to do a review of the show for The Black Keys Fan Lounge:

“After the release of Attack and Release, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Black Keys live performance. Luckily for me, it was the classic two man distortion injected blues I’ve come to know and love, but until now had never had the privilege of seeing in person.

Dan and Pat took the stage humbly, as if they didn’t know they possessed the talent and raw rocktastic (its a word, look it up!) abilities to draw in a sold out show to the Fillmore, and with few words commenced the show. Dan’s Rickenbacker beautiful white against his humble attire sounded magnificent through his unique amp set up. Pat’s furious drumming and Dan’s moaning guitar created the energetic, soulful blues that the band is known for, getting more out of a two man group than many can get out of a trio or even a quartet.

It was a treat to see the Black Keys pull off their new songs in the tradition of their earlier albums, Strange Times sounded magnificent, and my personal favorite song from Attack and Release, Psychotic Girl, opened up their encore with an intensity I’d never heard in the song before (I’ll admit a part of me did miss the banjo though.) Their visitations to their old work were astounding, bringing the Sonics’ classic Have Love Will Travel to life and their hit Set You Free to live ferocity as the fans sang along. From beginning to end the show rocked.

The opening band, Dr. Dog, held their own as well, creating blues-stomping infused indie-rock sound in the a somewhat soulful folky vain, an apt opening to an amazing show.

Meeting the Black Keys was only overshadowed by the opportunity to see them live. To anyone who has the chance to see either of these great bands, do so, and don?t think twice about it.”

Gavin’s photos below, that’s him next to Dan. See more in the Flickr stream on the side of this post including some other professional images taken on the night:


dan auerbach at the fillmore

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I’ve recently added all my photos of The Black Keys to Flickr. You can see them all here and a sample of them cascading down the side of this blog.

My photos are by no means the best, amateur equipment under the low light doesn’t help, but they give a feel for a Sydney concert I went to.

I thought I’d list a few links to some of the better dedicated Black Keys sets on Flickr:

cadd’s photo set from a 2006 live gig

cadd’s 2007 Glasgow live set

beezeebeebee’s photo set (50+ images)

jberg’s NYC photo set

marianne’s photo set from an amsterdam show

matthiaskrueger1’s set of knust germany show photos

Have you got some awesome photos of the band? Why not put them on Flickr so all fans can see them?

Here’s my favourite photo of Pat below. There’s something about the stage lights, drumming frenzy and punters’ heads in the foreground that sum up a concert moment.

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