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You know you are thinking too much about The Black Keys when…you start dreaming about them.

I should mention I’ve had a few dreams before where I’ve met Dan and he has ignored me. I guess that can be explained as fan anxiety. I’m not sure how I explain this dream, however.

The dream I had last night went like this:

I’m waiting to see The Black Keys at a live concert. I’m standing back from the stage on the right. Pat comes onto the stage from behind the stage curtains. He sits down at his drum kit with the crowd going wild. He launches into a drum solo. The crowd are screaming with joy, recognising it as the song ‘Scarred’ [note: this song title doesn’t exist in reality]. I stumble with my camera trying to get it to video mode since I realise Pat never does drum solos. As I’m fidgeting with the camera I realise someone in front is videoing on their camera and they are blocking my view. So bummed out. Then Dan comes out and the drum solo segues into Dan playing Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ accompanied by Pat. As the song goes on Dan is cranking so hard the song morphs into Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ until only Dan’s playing. The crowd is loving it, screaming with absolute joy. I’m still standing there amazed and fumbling with my camera unable to get it into video mode.


Have you ever dreamt about The Black Keys? Is that what being a fan is all about?


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I always look forward to Black Keys live concerts, not only to see the band live but because it’s an opportunity to pick up some new Black Keys merchandise. It feels way more righteous buying it from the show than from an anonymous website.

More importantly tour t-shirts with tour dates generally are only ever sold at live shows.

This shirt adds to my collection of Black Keys clothing merchandise.

Below I’ve recorded the front and back of the tour t-shirt for the recently ended Black Keys world tour.

ATAC SI ELIBERARE is of course Romanian for “Attack and Release”.



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March 08 Dream

Imagine a NZ South Island sheep station, high in the mountains, in the summer with Black Keys playing to select friends for my 40th/50th/60th birthday. They chopper in apocalypse now-style jump onto stage with a wall of amps behind them and launch into thickfreakness old school-style with blazing feedback as they do and then deliver a scorching power set. Later, after a suffolk lamb on the spit and smoked trout ,they play a chulahoma-style set with bonfires burning and duet with with Fat Freddys Drop til the early hours. Now that’s what I call entertainment!

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