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I don’t know about you, but I love a drum battle.

Sadly, we don’t see nearly enough (any?) gratuitous ego-driven drum solos from Pat. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. The Black Keys are so tight on stage but a break out moment for Pat might relax things. No doubt he’s secretly thought about it.

Now Pat’s time might have arrived for a drum battle. I can’t but help think that the The Roots Picnic gig on June 6, 2009, in Philadelphia might be the moment.

The Roots, featuring drummer Questlove, are an awesome live band. Questlove has produced and collaborated with many acts. The Roots are acting as the backing band for Public Enemy, before doing their own show, at The Roots Picnic.

In the spirit of collaboration, how cool would it be to see an extra drum kit rolled out during The Black Keys gig with Questlove aboard to battle Pat? It would be a great rock moment.

Dan could nonchalantly look on, smile and shake his head.

I don’t know about you, but I vote for drum battle! What do you think? Let’s make it happen. The campaign starts now…

Questlove from The Roots



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This is a guest post from regular The Black Keys Fan Lounge contributor, Merlyn. It’s a cautionary tale for anyone preparing to do an interview for the first time or interviewing a band they have always wanted to meet. You too might be able to emphathise with Merlyn’s angst as he prepared to interview Dan Auerbach – an experience he surely wont quickly forget. Thanks for the honesty of your post, Merlyn.

Like any fan, when the opportunity arises to meet and greet their ‘hero’ you take it. So when an opportunity was presented to interview Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys I jumped at it like a fish out of water. But when the phone rang with Dan on the other end of the line, for my first ever assignment as a ‘contributor’ to a well established website, that’s exactly how I felt.

I had actually met Dan before, in a bar after the last concert on The Black Keys January 2009 tour in Melbourne, Australia. I figured out where the after party was, had a few beers and waited. There was no pressure, it was just a casual chat. Dan was  a gentle character, with modesty to match, who kindly humored my questions at 1am. But formally interviewing Mr Neo-Blues is a whole different kettle of sea mammals.

I answered the phone with my stomach in my throat. I was so nervous I forgot to introduce myself. I was very much out of my element. I had so much to ask and so much to say but the words eluded me. I felt like a gun without bullets.

I’d already set the tone as a bumbling fool, whose heart was very much in the right place. Fumbling at every turn I had 20 minutes to shoot off some questions and dig deep for answers. I felt hard pressed, a balloon in a vice – it was agony. In the back of my mind there was a voice urging me to spill out my healthy obsession for Dan, and clear the air. 5 minutes in, the trembling left my voice but I couldn’t get on that ‘buddy’ level and establish a natural ebb and flow.

The minutes melted away. Towards the end I felt I’d reached some sort of personal achievement. We shared a joke or two, or at least Dan did. Mind you I was giggling like a little school girl whose pigtails were held together with a pink hair tie. I confessed my affection and said goodbye.

Hanging up the phone I felt relieved – I’d run the gauntlet. My body was heaving and weezing beneath the weight of what I’d semi-accomplished. I felt 12 years old again, giddy after finishing that gigantic pirate lego set that took 3 days to put together with help from Dad. Regardless of my futile attempt I was happy. I had interviewed a man I’ve dreamed of talking with for sometime.

In retrospect, it is quite a surreal thing to have done. Harder than it’s made out to be in your head and twice as stress inducing. I don’t know why I didn’t break the ice by mentioning I had met him a few months earlier. Maybe he wouldn’t have remembered anyhow, it would at least have put me at ease, and probably him too. At least the published interview didn’t turn out as badly as the interview experience.

merlyn loves dan auerbach

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A collection of photos from the recent Dan Auerbach live show I saw.

I’m thinking the pictures are not in need of words. Their story is obvious. Enjoy.






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My favourite song on Dan Auerbach’s ‘Keep It Hid’ solo record is ‘When The Night Comes’.

Hearing the song live at The Corner Hotel confirmed for me what a great sound and song it is. Dan had the audience transfixed with his presence, voice , unobtrusive guitar, subtle organ and drum accompaniment.

Here’s a live video I took of ‘When The Night Comes’ at the Corner Hotel show:

The lyric seems so simple yet Dan’s voice and guitar elevate it to something so evocative and melancholy you can listen to it over and over. It seems like part-lullaby, part-mournful reflection, part-exclamation of hope, part-love song. Together that makes something pretty special.

Here are the lyrics to ‘When The Night Comes’:

When the night comes
And you lay your weary head to rest
No more trials, no tests
When the night comes
When the night comes
You don’t have to be afraid
Of any choice you made
When the night comes

Don’t be afraid
You’re only dreaming…(repeat)

When the night comes
The headlines read
Whatever’s in your dreams
When the night comes

When the night comes
And you lay by the one you love
The one who knows you and the things you do
When the night comes

Don’t be afraid
You’re only dreaming…(repeat)

When the night comes…(repeat)

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No sooner was I praising the virtues of The Black Keys in black and white, than these cool new black and white videos of The Black Keys turn up.

Even better that they are of the ‘Keys recent return to the stage at the Glasshouse, Pomona CA, USA, show on 16 April 2009, the night before the Coachella performance.

Even better than that is the fact the sound  and video quality are excellent. Respect BatCountryX.

From the looks of it The Black Keys have lost nothing while Dan has been touring his solo album.

Tracks include Busted, The Breaks, Your Touch, Same Old Thing, I Got Mine.


The Breaks

Your Touch

Same Old Thing & I Got Mine

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One of these days I’ll go to the Coachella Festival in California, USA. Hopefully The Black Keys will be playing the year I go. They have, of course, played this year. The best I can do this year is ‘listen’ to people tweet about it via their phones on Twitter in real time.

Not a bad way to get an instant review of the show and feel some sort of vibe and observations from the fans attending. I like it because you are hearing the fans and the expressions are raw and real.

There’s also a range of Twitpics to view too: http://twitpic.com/3hr6b , http://twitpic.com/3hok9, http://twitpic.com/3hq3g

I can’t say I’d be into live tweeting a show (although if The Black Keys asked me to do so via this website’s @blackkeysfans no doubt I would!). It really must pull you away from being engaged in the show on stage and the atmosphere. Trying to analyse your present enjoyment seems contradictory in the context of watching a rock band.

Taking a photo on your camera phone and tweeting at concerts seem to be the modern equivalent of holding up your cigarette lighter during moody concert moments in past years.

There’s bound to be a range of video and other images to look at in the days ahead. For now here’s a review of the show from fans via Twitter while the band were playing at Coachella on Friday 17 April 2009.

@nobettersafe: Saw molotov and the black keys. Tried to see ting tings but the tent was overflowing. Waiting for franz ferdinand now.

@schnittlich: just caught the last song of the black keys set!!!

@beatlefan8: “I got mine. I got mine. I got mine, oh baby, I got mine.” –The Black Keys:) They make me happy:)

@jessietai: The Black Keys are the best two piece band ever (sorry white stripes). Now its about time for some conor oberst. Mmm delicious.

@princess56: The black Keys were awesome!

@unitedfront: Kicking it vip with sun, super nice paul walker, and marvin scott jarrett as black keys killllls the main stage. Ting tings here we go.

@AestheticsCrew: The Black Keys were cool… Nothing else I wanna see till Paulie boy gets on @ 10

@codymelcher: was blown away by the black keys, which means franz ferdinand

@biLLybOypoiSon: black keys are off the hook!!! waiting for franz ferdinand @ coachella…

@lightoutlet: the people at coachella are starting to annoy me, but at least the black keys are awesome

@pairaces: @coachella need to turn down the techno so we can enjoy Black Keys. Know one does techno any more! Turn it down!

@ltgoodluck: N beer garden listening to the black keys, beers seem smaller, but still $7

@jasongrimes: The Black Keys are always RAD!

@thegrandsocial: So here’s the deal, this line is angry. They’ve run out of vip bands. Everyones missed the black keys.

@The_Gildo: Some chick just pulled out her boobies next to me and o in the black keys crowd

@toosunnyouthere: Black Keys: “We could pay people to tune for us, but we’re cheap. We’re from the Midwest.”

@the_hig: http://twitpic.com/3hq3g – The black keys are there somewhereeee

@emtgreg: The Black Keys know how to rock #coachella

@ststerling: @ Coachella: the black keys are killing it right now!

@SisterSafetyPin: The Black Keys are fucking A-may-ZING!

@xxjeannexx: The black keys are tearing it up!

@SPINearth: #coachella the black keys are a gift from the music gods. That guitar is zeus’ trident. It throws lightning bolts

@emayoh: From The Hold Steady to Felix Da Housecat to The Black Keys, killin’ it at #COACHELLA

@hubbarddd: Hurts me to say the black keys were boring, now the ting tings are late.

@deciderla: Black keys are up and seem to have brought the crowd.. Auerbach’s beard isn’t disappointing either.

@jontotton: The Black Keys are totally awesome live! #Coachella

@dharma69: The BLACK KEYS are just nasty!

@rypryp: Just lovin the black keys

@SpinnerTweet: The Black Keys are from Akron, OH. Does that make them ”Akron Family”? Either way, these two are ripping it in the desert. #Coachella

@deciderla: Front row seat for the black keys. Auerbach is ripping so hard his vest might tear.

@ritzylicious: Getting my tan on with the Black Keys.

@TransitCake: Rockin to the Black Keys and sippin strawberry icee at Coachella.

@killerqueen11: The black keys are playing. Mega awesome!

@batchitcrazy: coach-stage, lounging in grass listening to the black keys/experiencing a contact high from sitting in cloud. california, california.

@LAist: The Black Keys are unleashing a powerful concoction of fuzzy blues …

@mbartko: Watchiog the Black Keys with 10,000 of my closest friends.

@lalagee: The black keys!

@angelina419: All is good. Got water, grub, and The Black Keys.

@pecom_audiofile: I’m glad I am chillin with M. Ward over the Black Keys. I want mellow before Cohen.

@djsmilesdavis: Watching the Black Keys put it down on the main stage Coachella style!!!

@csteph01: The Black Keys make me understand #coachella

@martincizmar: The Black Keys sound great… Best show of the daylight, by far. Ak… Rowdy… http://twitpic.com/3hok9

@abbylinne: The Black Keys! So rad!

@BradGroux: the Black effing Keys! http://twitpic.com/3hofq

@redletterbrad: Always known: the Black Keys are just kinda lame.

@KUCInights: watching The Black Keys. the sound now isn’t loud enough! next off to The Tings Tings

@codymelcher: is runnin ova to the black keys

@willbond007: and the black keys take the stage

@kebtron: The Black Keys. Ohio baby!

@schnittlich: black keys taking the stage…and I’m in the car sitting in traffic. oh well.

@countxero: The Black Keys are bringing a little electric blues to #coachella

@lenthegr8: Listening to The Black Keys on the main stage. Was told by friend it was the “set of the day”. #Coachella

@princess56: The Black Keys have commenced!

@sdsab: we are the black Keys. We’re from Akron Ohio.

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Ahh, who says being in a band aint fun when you are losing your mind on tour.

Check out this cool video posted by the Hacienda boys about being on tour with Dan and new ‘brother’ Patrick Hallahan.

Maybe Dan and Pat as The Black Keys can do something similar in future…

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