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That’s what I’m talking about.  I’ve got mine, got yours?

Get Black Keys Melbourne concert tickets from Ticketmaster and all other Australian Black Keys tickets from Love Police.

Check out all other Black Keys concert tour dates and venues here.


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Update 30 October: Congratulations to Joel H. and Gavin Murray.  Their winning comments are published at the bottom of this post. Enjoy the show!


The Black Keys Fan Lounge have 2 x double passes to give away to The Black Keys and Dr. Dog  concert on October 30th, 2008, at The Fillmore in San Francisco, USA.

But wait there’s more! Each pair of tickets includes a Meet and Greet with the band prior to the show! An amazing opportunity not to be missed.

The concert is Sold Out so this is probably the only way you will be able to get tickets.

HOW TO WIN: Simply leave a comment on this post explaining why you love the The Black Keys.

THE WINNERS: The best 2 comments will be selected as winners.  Winners, if they wish, will also able to have their review and photos of the show published on this website.

COMPETITION CLOSES: Midnight, Tuesday 28 October, 2008.

YOU MUST: Be able to collect the tickets personally in San Francisco. Winners will be contacted by email (make sure you leave your email address with your Comment) on Tuesday about how and where in San Francisco to collect your tickets and wristband for the Meet and Greet.

The concert will be the last of the Converse Century Concert Series designed to bring intimate gigs to fans at a reduced price. Tickets were only US$10 for this event.

The series also included shows in Philadelphia featuring Sonic Youth and The Hold Steady; Chicago featuring N.E.R.D and Bad Brains.; and San Diego featuring Social Distortion and the Reverend Horton Heat.

Don’t sit there reading this, post your comment now and win!

A photo of my mate’s Chuck Taylor’s for good measure below.

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Update: I have finally done an interview with Pat Carney from The Black Keys. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview here. Happy days.


Readers of this site will recall my half-hearted and failed quest for an interview with The Black Keys earlier this year. The questions I proposed asking, and was ambitious enough to publish in advance, weren’t so witty in retrospect (well, my girlfriend told me as much). No wonder the band didn’t have time for me, or at least their Management who I emailed.

Nevertheless, I hereby declare my quest to interview The Black Keys re-started!

With the Black Keys playing in in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia, on January 11 2009, I’m cautiously hopeful the lads will grant me an audience. Stay tuned for more foolhardy, plaintive and demeaning attempts at getting an interview here at this site.

Reasons why the Black Keys should grant me an interview in Melbourne 2009:

1. I’ve already bought tickets for the upcoming Melbourne concert (front row no less) so it’s not as if I’m trying to get free tickets.

2. There are no other really dedicated Black Keys fan sites, outside of their own Black Keys Forum, promoting the band like this site does.

3. I take this opportunity to apologise for taking video at their Sydney concert against their recording guidelines. Hey, I’ll buy the upcoming live DVD in any case to make up for it.

6. I’ve promoted Black Keys tour dates including secret shows and have always linked to legitimate Black Keys ticket sellers.

7. I’ve popularised a number of lesser known Black Keys links and musings for fans of the band in my posts – hopefully there’s a few more fans for the band out there now.

8. This blog is completely not for profit and there’s no advertising on the site. Few if any music sites who cover Black Keys news, reviews and concerts can make similar claims. I just love the band – that’s why I started this blog and want to do the interview.

9. I’ve been to 5 Black Keys concerts already. The January 2009 show will be my 6th. Consider an interview a token reward for dedication if that sort of thing makes you feel better.

10. I’m not a stalker and just like the music. Honest.

11. I promise not to ask dumb questions on camera and I’ll even let Dan and Pat choose which ones they want to answer. Hey, we don’t even have to call it an interview, I’m happy to hang out.

12. If Quinnstorm can get a video interview backstage (respect) and video it on his camera, I’m figuring there’s no reason the band aren’t open to me doing an interview or something similar.

Dan and Pat, any chance?

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The Black Keys have announced their 2009 Australian tour dates. You can buy Black Keys concert tickets from Love Police for all shows (Sydney, Byron Bay, Newcastle, Brisbane and regional areas) except for Melbourne. Melbourne concert tickets can be bought from Ticketmaster. Great to see them back so soon in Australia on tour following their June 2008 tour in support of the Attack and Release album.

The Palais Theatre in Melbourne is where I’ll be on January 11! Great venue. And guess who’s supporting? None other than Gomez and Dr Dog. Perfect.

The New Years Eve show at the Pyramid Rock Festival at Phillip Island, Victoria, (near Melbourne) has already sold out.

The Black Keys Australian tour dates:

29 December 2008
Fremantle Arts Center – Fremantle, WA, Australia

30 December 2008
HQ – Adelaide, SA, Australia

31 December 2008
Pyramid Festival – Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia – SOLD OUT

2 January 2009
Byron Entertainment Centre – Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

3 January 2009
Coolangatta Hotel – Coolangatta, QLD, Australia

4 January 2009
Lake Kawana Community Centre – Bokarina, Sunshine Coast, Australia

5 January 2009
The Arena – Brisbane, QLD, Australia

7 January 2009
Coffs Ex-Services Club

8 January 2009
Panthers – Newcastle West, NSW, Australia

9 January 2009
Luna Park – Sydney, NSW, Australia

10 January 2009
Waves – Towradgi, NSW, Australia

11 January 2009
Palais Theatre – St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

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I was scavenging around YouTube the other day looking at random Black Keys related videos. Crikey there’s a heap of concert footage and people doing Black Keys covers on there now.

I came across a short report about the making of the “Just Got To Be” video by a journalist at Ohio.com.  I hadn’t seen it before even though its been out since the Magic Potion album came out in 2007. It’s an interesting snippet of the video making process with a bit of the usual banter between Dan, Pat and interviewer. I love the slow motion guitar flourishes Dan puts in for the video making. They make sense in the finished version.

The making of:

Final version:

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After I wrote my post about bands The Black Keys have produced, I started thinking more closely about what the band’s next record might sound like and some of the Black Keys early and ongoing influences.

Whilst investigating, I was surprised to come across more than a few references to the RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan in interviews. Importantly, some were very recent.

Considering the amount of discussion in reviews about the band working with hip hop producer Danger Mouse on the Attack and Release record, it seems this long held admiration for the RZA/Wu-Tang Clan and hip hop has been overlooked by many. For mind, it has many implications for their future direction and collaborations.

I was interested to read that right from the time of The Big Come Up release, the band had name-checked the RZA. As Dan commented in this November 2003 interview and article:

“When we started playing…we wanted everything to sound like RZA produced it, like Wu Tang,” Auerbach says. RZA, the Clan’s producer, is given a great deal of credit for the group’s unique flavor, a noteworthy point since Carney serves not only as the Keys’ drummer, but also as the producer.

The Wu-Tang Clan can even be credited for partly-defining the band’s distictive sound. As Dan explained in this 2005 interview:

“We never intended to sound the way we do,” he said -meaning they never intended to have a sloppy stomp as their signature beat. “When we were 16 and 17 we loved hip-hop and the Wu Tang Clan and those big thumps were all we knew how to play. I tried to take guitar lessons but I hated it and I realized I didn’t want to start some guitar band.”

Pat is a big fan of hip hop and RZA’s work (“Pat hates the blues,” Auerbach says) and notably first asked Danger Mouse to produce the latest record.

Fast forward to 2008, while discussing the Danger Mouse collaboration, Dan explained the sound of their early work and the hip hop connection again:

“Back then, we wanted to sound like RZA. The first demo we sent out, when we were trying to get a record deal, had samples on it and stuff like that, intros and outros, so we always liked that kind of music.”

Now, more tellingly for understanding where Pat and Dan’s heads are at in 2008 (if this is possible), in this recent September 24, 2008, interview Dan commented:

“We would love to work with RZA,” he said. “I don’t know if that would ever happen or if it’s even possible.”
“Listening to those records, we really wanted to make records that sounded like that,” he said.

Interestingly, Dan also commented in this September 25, 2008, interview about the sound of the next record:

“Right now, it’s like there are no rules or boundaries out there for us,” Auerbach says. “We can kind of do whatever we want. And I think that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

So, will the Black Keys be the next big thing in hip hop? Will the RZA produce the next album? Well, I’ve seen it before when artists drop the names of people they wish to work with in the press and collaborations eventuate. The band obviously have a desire to fully imagine their hip hop sensibilities in recorded music.  Clearly the Attack and Release has been their most popular release and their evolved sound has moved them to headline status. I for one won’t be surprised if on the next record I see a notable production credit on at least one track from the RZA. Got to think it’ll be something that’s been a long time coming and nobody should be surprised. No doubt it will be worth the wait.

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