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Hey, thanks to the crew out there at WordPress for making this blog the “featured blog” for the tag “the black keys“. You’ll see (below) the recent Patrick Carney vs Animal from the Muppets post featured with the graf bee icon of this site up the top of the page. Noice one!


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I’ve been a bit tardy with my posts of late because i’ve been on holiday.  The holiday was great because it allowed me to give my newly purchased Black Keys tour stubby holder a good working over. A while ago in a previous post I mentioned I would like to purchase a stubby holder and so was well pleased this cool graphic was available at the recent Sydney tour gig I went to.

Nothing better than having a cold Fiji Bitter beer in Fiji wrapped by a Black Keys stubby holder! Well, watching the ‘Keys as well would be grand but you cant have everything all at once.

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Told you I’d bring you more live video I recorded from this years Sydney gig on 21 June at the Manning Bar, Sydney University.

This was the last song of the night.  Note the time on the clock on the wall behind the boys about to tick over to 1am.  Awesome to see them still cranking so hard at such an hour considering this was their second gig of the day at the same venue. Enjoy!

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I know these have been out a while, but i have been documenting the demented Black Keys interviews in several past posts.

An innocent bystander would think the boys are just trying to outdo themselves in the art of the incomprehensible interview. Or maybe the standard of journalism has just gone down the drain or people just aint sure what the hell to ask the band or are just too scared of what they will reply with.

I’ve also added the latest snippet of interview from the Abbey Road sessions that aint wierd. Hallelujah!

1. Yis, what a gem from the recent Nu Ziland tour

2. The second funny interviewer accent from around the release of the Magic potion album

3. Abbey Road session interview

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Ahh Dan, would be grand to catch up with you some time and we can sit on a porch and I can whittle a stick and you can strum ya guitar and mumble a tune while the sun slowly sets.

A few people commented when I posted the “I’m Glad” live footage I recorded at the recent Sydney gig that Dan was using his Gibson SG again. So for you here’s a few photos of Dan in action from the gig I took with the aforementioned axe.

Kind of looks in some of the shots that Dan is playing with a blazing sun setting on him. Or rather, simply, the shots psychedelic distortion make up for the poor camera quality. Whatever the case as Dan rocks and thrashes himself into a type of trance you can only hope you could feel the music as he does.

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