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Today I was checking out the streaming footage of ‘I Got Mine’ from The Black Keys on the Letterman Late show. I was also admiring Dan’s beard, as usual.  I’ve often thought about writing a post on musicians with full beards, but it’s always seemed like such an obvious thing to do.  Then I was looking through some of the Letterman archives and checked out a recent Liam Finn performance on the show. It was striking how much Liam looks like a younger version of Dan with his own full beard. And although their musical styles are divergent there are still some similarities. I couldn’t help imagining how good the two of them would look doing a duet.  They would, for sure, dominate the odd bearded couple of angst driven guitar-based tunes section of your local record store.  I can only hope in future their paths cross at some free thinking music festival (maybe All Tomorrow’s Parties who run themed music events) or on a Japanese game show appearance devoted to bearded guitar playing musicians and their/my bearded dreams can be realised.


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Can someone start a campaign to get the Black Keys website administrators to set up an RSS feed on their main site? Kind of annoying me now having to wait for someone to post news on the Black Keys Forum of what they’ve seen on the main Black Keys website just so I can keep with what’s happening with the band. They have an RSS feed of the Forum but you have to keep checking back to the main site all the time for the latest News or Tour Dates. Well, I guess I just have started a campaign if someone else agrees with my views…

Update 22 April –

After some good work on the Black Keys forum, Distracted, has advised the RSS feed address is: http://theblackkeys.com/feed/

You can just paste this into your Feed Reader and subscribe. The RSS symbol hopefully will be re-added to the Black Keys site

For more info on what RSS is generally: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS_(file_format)

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So how happy am I? Well, it’s always good to get concert tickets to The Black Keys in the post. Ordering stuff online is never consumated fully until it turn up in your post box. This Sydney gig at the Manning Bar @ Sydney University should be interesting because the Keys are playing a 3pm and 9pm show on the same day. I’m off to the 9pm show with friends. Naturally more than interested to see if the 3pm set is a bit more laid back. The venue isn’t the biggest so I guess this is the easiest way to satisfy the most fans on this quick tour. I’ll of course be posting a review of the gig in the days following 21 June. So stay tuned!

Black Keys Concert Tickets Sydney 21 June 2008

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In lieu of not having access to the new Strange Times video, here’s a great video of a live version of Strange Times on the current tour. Looks like they are really cranking. Good to see that beard aint getting any shorter and the hair is getting even longer on Dan.

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In some of the other video interviews I’ve posted, Dan and Patrick joked they have nothing to much to say and the interview is kind of about nothing. Well, this interview took things to a different level. Wasn’t so much The Black Keys saying nothing on purpose, trying to understand what the interviewer, Robbie Buck, was on about seemed to drain most enthusiasm. You almost squirm when listening to it. Buck starts off, “So how’s Kansas going boys?” . From there the questions just get more inane and un-researched and the boys more droll in their replies.

Black Keys with Robbie Buck on Triple J 2007 mp3

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Metro Theatre, Sydney, 2003

It must have been mid-2003 and ‘Set you Free’ was being played a fair bit on Triple J radio. A friend from work mentioned they were going but neither of us really knew what we were in for. I think like most people, we were blown away by the intense power of just two people on stage. I don’t think I even knew there only two people in the band before I went to the gig. It was even more memorable because another friend had bought tickets to see Cat Power the same night and has since regretted that decision for ever more.

The Forum, Melbourne, 2004

Seeing the Keys at this gig in late March 2004 was almost purely by accident. It was the night before I was to fly to New Zealand for a year. I was having dinner with a group of friends and two of those friends, Todd and Bec, mentioned they had to go to a gig later. Upon hearing what they were going to see and that they knew it wasn’t sold out, meant I ate my dinner a lot faster. The Forum has to be my favourite venue in Melbourne and the olympian statues that adorn the walls fairly shook that night.

The Kings Arms, Auckland, 2005

Now I’m fairly sure this gig was in early 2005 but it may have been in late 2004. I didn’t know anyone in New Zealand who had the faintest idea who the Black Keys were. I went along by myself and actually walked past Dan talking to some people out front. The Kings Arms is a pretty small venue, but arguably the best for live music in Auckland. It really is just a pub with a long room and bar with the band set up at one end. I do remember a drunk 40-ish woman stumbling onto the stage and nearly knocking over a speaking as the boys played on. Very rock.

Enmore Theatre, Sydney, 2007

Unfortunately I was a bit tardy in buying tickets and consequently had to stand in the back area of the ground floor. Kind of a pain as my girlfriend isn’t that tall. I also came to the conclusion that getting your girlfriend to like the same bands as you can be a real mission. Not sure if I liked this Magic Potion tour gig as much as others, maybe because of the cranky girlfriend or maybe because the set just seemed too dominated by power chords and the band lost some of its subtlety behind the biggest wall of sound i’d heard them produce in concert. Nevertheless, I loved the large inflatable tyre backdrop to the show.

Manning Bar, University of Sydney, Sydney, 2008

A storming show in an intimate environment. Read my quasi-review of the show here.

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I’ve never bought too much band merchandise over the years. A Clash poster back in the day, a DJ Shadow t-shirt, and I only have two Black keys pieces. Here they are below.

I got the t-shirt back in 2003 at their Metro, Sydney, show when I first saw them. I still reckon it’s the best design they’ve come out with. Mind you 2008 could be a good year because they really have thought about their art design alot more it seems. If they bring out a stubbie holder again I’ll grab one – you can get one with the Magic Potion tour look on it.

I like how the hoodie is nice and plain, and a talking point for those who have no idea what they are reading and ask. Especially those who cant understand the “AKRON OH” bit. I got this at their Enmore Theatre show in 2007.

A good place for Australian fans to get merchandise from is Love Police

Black Keys T Shirt 2003

Black Keys Hoody 2007

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